I Want My Darn Skates

I Want My
Darn Skates


Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis is from a poor family from Birmingham, Alabama. She went to Lewis Elementary School and Phillips High School. She did very well in school but dropped out of High School after the Eleventh Grade because she married and became pregnant. She got her GED and entered the Air Force in 1978. After completing 61/2 years in the Air Force, Samantha entered a commissioning program at Samford University in Alabama. In July 1983, Samantha is divorced. In June 1987, she completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from The University of Alabama in Birmingham. She was next Commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. After re-entering the Air Force, Samantha completed Technical Training School at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and was reassigned to Langley AFB, in Virginia. It was there, that she remarried, and during the next two years, she completed her Master’s Degree in Management.


I Want My Darn Skates

“I Want My Darn Skates,” tells about the life of Samantha Lewis from about the age of 9 years old throughout her life. God directs her to go back to that point in her life when she began her relationship with Jesus and was introduced to the Word of God. It was also at that point in her life when she really wanted a pair of skates that she worked so hard for, but she never got. The story goes from there on throughout her high school years.


Jesus Is Lord

So often I have wanted to express,
Just what knowing you has meant to me.
But somehow, words, as powerful as they are,
Just can’t express it completely.

It’s all so phenomenal how You came in and took complete control.
How You exchanged and rearranged and delivered my lost soul.
How You changed my mind, You changed my ways, You gave me a new heart.
And out of all the places You brought me through, You’re the same now as at the start.

You never lied to me.
You never let me down.
You never let me down.
And whenever I needed to talk to You,
You were so easy to be found.

You never dealt with me according to my sin.
But you dealt out of the abundance of your love.
Of course, every now and then when I was slothful,
You didn’t hesitate to give me a shove.

You’ve been closer to me than a friend,
And better to me than a brother,
You’ve provided for me like a father,
And wiped away my tears like a mother.

I don’t know exactly how you do it,
But of this one thing I am sure,
Though heaven and earth should pass away,
The grace of God shall endure.

You’ve made my giants as midgets,
And my enemies you’ve made to be at peace with me,
My idols you’ve destroyed,
For none could compete with thee.

You’ve made my crooked places straight.
You’ve opened my eyes, and I can see.
You’ve bound my strong man, spoiled his goods,
And you’ve given all he’d taken back to me.

So, Father, I say thank you,
For all you’ve done for me.
And before man, I’ll proclaim, “Jesus is Lord”
As long as there is breath in me.


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